krisp's little corner

One of the most charming parts of the internet are finding those small-indie sites with some kind of corner where somebody stores/writes their own little things, from posts about their recent trip to the mountains to something like a guide to installing CS 1.6 on OS X. This page tries to catalogue and host similar things that I've made through out the years, I try to update this as often as I can, mainly as its my own little personal legacy on the internet.

I can't really describe what is here, as you can find things like a list of past personas I've used, or a button that gives you one of my favorite albums. There really isn't a set topic or anything. You're free to sit and click anything that interests you, but please try to "respect" what is here and have some kind of viewer discretion.

Also, this place is made to fit things that index/apex can't, either because I'm too lazy to make new icons, make a flexbox and all that stuff. So as I said before, this place is extremely varied.