Who is krisp? (Kris Pineda)

Hello, my name is Kris, I was born at the age of 0 in a hospital that still exists, I enjoy listening to avant-garde music and reheating Little Caesars Pizza.

I'm currently working/wasting time as a Lead HWE and Product Designer at Estrelar, making cool aerospace stuff, without a license of course (can't lose one if you don't have one!). While on my free time I like tinkering and playing with a lot of things, as of August 2022, I'm currently learning Javascript so I can play around with modifying Discord, you can see how that's going over at my "Nikki" Github account.

I also used to work as a freelance video editor, it was fun for a while but it eventually became a toll on my mental health and eventually I practically gave up on doing stuff.

list of Hobbies/Things I do on my free time.

keys (gpg/ssh)

Although I don't really encrypt/sign things often, I do tend to sign things like Git commits and some emails (mainly work-related), due to this I'm leaving both my GPG and SSH public keys here so that you can verify when an email/commit/message/etc is coming from me.

GPG: Kris Pineda - (kris@memeware.net and citizensixtynine@protonmail.com) - 2756 699D C883 0502 ACEB - download

SSH: palemachine - download

Github commits may be signed using my Github's account/default key, Gitlab commits however, will ALWAYS be signed using my GPG key.