This site is in a process of being discontinued as I'm working on a new site over at Site will remain up for as long as it can, but it's not going to be updated as often. The future of remaining "projects" that I had here like "Will" is uncertain, but I'll be sure to come back to them some day. Note that this change was made due to how limited a HTML+CSS site is, and how I want to venture on more complicated endeavours like JS frameworks and other neat little things, with that in mind, thanks to all the visitors that have stopped by on my site.
- Kris

Krisp's Really Epic and Cool Site (Lynx-compatible... somewhat!)

Hey there! I'm Kris, Welcome to my extremely barebones website who's whole purpose if showing off that I can code non-bloated things...

Also, you see those buttons below? Well, they're there because I'm not really a fan of having a gigant 1-pager so clicking one of them will send you somewhere, I'm not 100% sure where but click one of them and fid out!

Inspired on Nanom's sitesource code • 20220812:172525CST